Fellowship Haus

What We Believe

-The Bible is the inspired Word of God, powerful, alive and true

-It is God's desire and will that ALL may be saved through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross

-His only Son, was crucified and died on the cross for our sins, was resurrected on the third day and ascended to our Father God Almighty and is seated at His right hand and will come again the judge the quick and the dead.  

-All brothers and sisters are equal in Jesus Christ, none above the other and everyone was created for a purpose in the Kingdom of God

-We are to encourage, instruct and lift each other up so that we might know God, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in a deep and meaningful way that allows us to dwell in the world, but not be of the world.

-Jesus is our only hope to be restored into glory with the Father, our creator

-Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no one can come to the Father except through Him.  There is only ONE way to the Father, ONE way to be restored to the original condition of humankind, and that is Jesus Christ.  

-One must confess the Lord Jesus Christ and believe with all of one's heart that he was raised from the dead in order to be saved


-An individual must repent or turn away from the world and be born again to see the miraculous work of God that transforms from the inside out

-Our primary duties as a Christian

are to be in a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, to Study the Bible with a heart to obey and to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we walk with the Lord in submission to Him, day by day.  

Our day to day decisions are made by three stewards who oversee the resources given to us by God.  The pastor is the spiritual leader / shepherd of the fellowship.  Jesus Christ is our Spiritual Authority and Chief Elder and we look to the Bible, our final authority, and the leading of the Holy Spirit to follow Him.  All major church decisions are made by consensus which involves, discussion, prayer and participation by all in the fellowship whenever necessary.